Media Literacy

What are the thinking skills / attributes / abilities inherent in notions of literacy in the 21st century that are present in the new (interactive) media?

The thinking skills, attiributes and abilities associated with the 21st century that are present in the new interactive media are essentially the same as they’ve always been. Individuals still require the basic skills of literacy such as the ability to read and write, what has changed is the medium we now do it in.

What are the new media interactions you’ve integrated in your practice?

I have begun to use sites such as sharepoint and twitter with my students to as a way of commuicating within the classromm setting. I use the “computer on wheels” in my classroom as a multi media centre for teaching my students through film and video streaming of educational websites which kas added a new dimension to my teaching, making the course content more hip and relevant to my students.

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