June 2nd Reflective Blog

In what ways have you extended your learning network during these weeks?

I have posted some of my ideas on my edublog page and have commented on other colleague’s blogs relating to various topics surrounding education and using technology in the classroom.

Where would you like to go next?

I would like to set up rss feeds to get updates on what others are writing about topics I’m interested in such as how wireless classrooms are affecting student involvement and learning within the classroom. More importantly, I would like to use rss feeds to help me design a mini inquiry for the summer session involving the use of a program called “Audacity”.

Who would you be interested in learning from/with?

-I would be interested in learning from other educators who are searching for real and effective ways to implement technology in their classrooms as I am, in hopes of  becoming more proficient within the guidelines laid out in the ISTE Standards.

How are you preparing yourself to teach in a networked learning environment?

I am preparing myself to teach in a networked learning environment by familiarizing myself  with blogging and using my Netvibes page to communicate with other educators and receiving rss feeds on topics that interest me.

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